9,000 People Hear Billy Graham’s Grandson Preach Gospel

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More than nine thousand people turned out to hear Will Graham, grandson of the late evangelist Billy Graham, preach the gospel in Johnson City, East Tennessee.

“It’s a miracle to behold when people surrender their lives to Christ,” the 43-year-old Graham said on Twitter.

It was the first Billy Graham-style crusade Will has held since the passing of his grandfather in late February.

“Jesus Christ can change your life, but you must give over the sorrows of your heart – your brokenness- to Him,” Graham told the thousands who had gathered for the three-night event held at the Freedom Hall Civic Center in Johnson City.

The Tri-Cities region is no stranger to Billy Graham’s ministry. The young preacher had visited eastern Tennessee on numerous occasions. In 1970, hundreds of thousands turned out to hear the Rev. Graham.

Decades later, Will Graham says returning to the area is part of continuing his grandfather’s “life-changing mission” to “proclaim God’s love to people who need Jesus Christ.”

According to local media, some 237 churches, representing 30 denominations in the region, worked for over six years to plan the “Tri-Cities Will Graham Celebration” weekend.

“You know with all the issues we have today in the world with the divisiveness, for all the churches to come together for one purpose, and that is to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, that is really unique and so, it’s a been a beautiful thing to watch,” said Jim Harlan, one of the leader’s for the event.

“Giving your life to Christ will change everything, Graham told the audience. “He died for you. You come to Him now.”

And they reportedly did. Although no official figures were released, Graham’s website says many people came forward to “publicly call Christ their Lord.”

“So thankful for another harvest for the Kingdom,” Graham tweeted. “Continue to pray for those who made decisions for Jesus this weekend!”


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Download 5 Powerful Christian eBooks for Free

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