Why He left you or why she left you

Today I will be talking about why that man left you or why that woman left you.  Most of the time you always wonder why did this man or woman left you. The following may be pondering n your mind

  1. Am I not beautiful enough?
  2. Do I not have all it takes for a man or woman to love me?

Most people always say, good character keeps a man or good character keeps a women, this is a lie, it is not so. Good character does not keep a man or a woman. If you have a good character, this is a plus, not the major one.  When you have good character it simply means you Tare accommodating and you want people around you.  Your good character is not for love, this is where a lot of people get it wrong.

The question is why do people quite a relationship. Pople leave because they entangle themselves with some people you don’t have the sam mental capacity.

If you marry someone that is abstract from you, the marriage will not last, For example if you marry someone that believes that a woman should always b in the kitchen or belong to the kitchen that marriage may not work.

My advice is if you want your marriage to be an evasting one, marry a man or a woman that have the same mental capacity with you. It is that simply.

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